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11 September 2007



The only reason I knew the VMAs were on was because of all the Britney hype. No, actually, I take that back... I thought they were on next weekend and happened to stumble upon the pre-show lameness as I was channel surfing. I think MTV just needs to give it up. Play freaking videos or change the name of the channel, because clearly they have NO business calling themself Music Television any longer. I can't remember the last time that I have even seen a video on MTV.

I agree with you. There are good pop artists and then there is the Britney crap. While I am not a fan of Christina Aguilara, I will admit that she is an amazing singer and performer. I don't understand the appeal of a lot of the candy coated music out there, but I'm pretty deep. ;)

I think the "pop" stuff is mainly due to the record company machine. At the end of the day, they (the record companies) are just a bunch of suits in big offices trying to make money. Lots of the bands we like aren't big money makers. It's the pop crap that appeals to the masses, which are mainly teenagers with tons of disposable income, and in turn brings in the majority of the money.

OK... Now I'm rambling... :)

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