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December 04, 2016


Dustin S

Interesting article, I started PC gaming essentially the same way. I had the NES growing up and eventually upgraded to the SNES early upon its release. I didn't play many computer games, primarily because lack of access to them. I grew up (and still live in a small town in South Dakota) and through elementary school our library had a row of old PCs with the green phosphorescent monitors, possibly VIC-20s. In the 5th grade we got access to a lab of Apple II's and played classics like The Oregon Trail, Odell Lake, and Freedom!. They were fun distractions but at home I was playing amazing games like Final Fantasy II, Super Mario World, and Zelda:A Link to the Past.

PC gaming became more than a mere distraction for me in 1994 when my best friend got a computer. I was so impressed with the games we were playing. Mechwarrior 2,Myst, 7th Guest, Doom, and most importantly Dark Sun:Shattered Lands. I was absolutely shocked by what was possible in PC RPGs compared to the console RPGs that I had been playing. I spent that entire Summer waking up early to bike to his house to play Dark Sun. Eventually I convinced my parents we needed a PC of our own, which I remember being a substantial investment. My first PC was a Pentium 133 with a whopping 16Mb of Ram, and a spacious 1Gb hard drive. That game holds such a fondness in my memories that I still use it as a benchmark to judge similar games by.

Ironically, about two months ago I registered 1p-Start.com to just start a personal website we're I could collect my thoughts on games I complete, along with collected art and screenshots. Should probably do something with that as right now it is just a incredibly generic Squarespace template with ZERO content. So I apologize for inadvertently infringing on your website name.

Anyways sorry for the long comment, although if I wasn't typing this on my phone probably would have been much longer.


No worries about the website! My blog is so tiny and personal, I'm surprised anybody reads it. It's more just a fun hobby.

It's good to see someone else appreciates DS:SL the way I do. Like you, I still use it as a benchmark for RPGs. Few games have managed to capture the pure fun factor of Dark Sun.


Totally a fellow fan of the QFG series. The creators (the Coles) have been mired in production problems trying to put out something of a spiritual successor, backed now on KickStarter some two plus odd years ago, sadly. Have you heard of Wadjet games? They've got a few gems that might definitely scratch that adventure itch. Nice to read a blog that reminded me so much of my own childhood (especially the agonizing wait after getting a new title at Electronics Etc fr the local mall, or messing with all sorts of settings just to get a game to work properly!)

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